Sunday, December 28, 2008

the green chopper

This is my 1964 chevy g10 chopped 12 inches by me! why chop only a few inches, Go big or go home! 15by10out back 15by3.5 up front centerline auto drags! looks fast, tops out at 50 mph! (Downhill with a 50 mph backdraft)! ha ah ha!!!!


  1. Been roving your stuff, let me see if i got it, weld it and forget it......F the paint, the gloss all that Yuppie shit! I am sick of the bikes that these fools shine up like a new dime and park in the gayrage! 2 Stroke are cool, bet you can not make a trike out of a Kaw KX65, wheelie down the st til the old folks cry to the cops!

  2. Hey...the green machine looks great! I finished the new bars you did for my Beezer and they look awesome, I'll have to send you some new pics - or hell, just come by and see it for yourself! - Rondi

  3. Slim, Clarke here-- you should really post up a link to this page seein as how you and I and a few others are gonna KILL THIS FUCKIN PLACE!!!