Monday, December 22, 2008

check out the new issue of CYCLE SOURCE magazine! my TRIKE, SEPPUKU is featured this month! just so you know this mag is staffed by a group of badass dudes that love to ride like you and me! I spent some time with Chris Callen at the David Mann chopper show, he was enjoying our bitchin cali weather and gettin a little ride time in before heading home. The foundry moto guys & gals are always a cool group to go for a ride with, they have the baddest fuckin bikes on planet muthafuckinbadass! I love these guys they are my Pheonix,Az family! Duane & Lisa Ballard were hangin out too! If you dont know Duane Ballard, you should! - Check out his leather,there is no finer example, period! thank you for spending a few minutes of your day here! special thank you for the creation of my website to Clark & Rondi, You are awesome! Chris your 650 will be done & home soon! until tomorrow, keep fuckin choppin! SLIM.....


  1. Saw your trike and other bikes @SmokeoutWest. I'll say it again. "Bad ass bikes, man". Love to see a regular dude making this original shit.

    I'll see ya next time you're @ FoundryMoto in Phoenix. Still need to get some gas tank mods done.


  2. vegas jud, hopefully i will be visiting the foundry soon! I will be ready to mod your tank! SLIM..... thanks man!