Thursday, March 28, 2013

slimsfab tanks of all kind.

                                         Finned Haymaker tank with three petcocks for three cylinders.
                                     Oil tank on cafe style 750 honda.with removeable seat pan.
                                Super peanut on built for shovel head,with latemodel filler bung
                               Oil bags pill style with lathe cut caps.
                               Dished style sidefill oil bag with lathe cut cap on an Evo build.
                             Narrowed and shaved bob tanks on a pan.
                              Scrolled sporty tank with a friscoed tunnel and fresh floor.
                                   Horseshoe bag for Iron head,with room for a 12 cell antigravity battery.
                               Narrowed late model sporty tank ribbed  with a frisco tunnel.
                            Hex style oil bag for a shovelhead side fill , with compartment for a battery.


  1. Love the scroll work on the tank, looks bitchin

  2. What are the dimensions on that super peanut tank?

  3. WOW! Dude this is just marvelous design!