Tuesday, March 26, 2013

slimsfab sporty frame for ,Gasser Lounge,Lady Hump,and Sailor Jerry

                 This is a evo sportster frame Fabbed here at the Farm for the Gasser Lounge,Lady Hump,and Sailor Jerry.  Mike in the far right of the picture came up with some pretty detailed specs and we handled it.It received a tight loop hardtail,3 3/8 inches of downtube stretch, a fresh back bone,  2 degrees of rake change and a slimsfab high capacity keg oil bag.Keep an eye out for this build.The guys pictured from right to left are Mike Torres, Alan from Lady Hump,Mikey from gasser Lounge,and James.  I am the asshole with the camera you cant see. the last shot is a before shot!    Slim 951 217 8814


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