Friday, January 18, 2013

Slimsfab Streetsweeper 2

 These are some shots of the streetsweeper 2 wheelie van .Its got lots of chop, 440 cubic inches of Offenhauser tunnel rammed Mopar power betwwen the slims fab framerails istalled in this 1964 chevy G 10 van.Thanks for the front wheels goes out to Buddy.The project is moving fast and should be roadworthy in a week or two.The American flag in the last shot represents our countrys contents(you and me working class Americans that better themselves by HARD WORK!!     NOT SOCIALIST BULLSHIT!!!   I run the flag on everything I own. I am a proud blue collar American,SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. Nice work slim. I like your patriotic attitude also. If america is to remain free more people like you and I must stand up against this tyranical bullshit that is going on right now in our country. God bless america, and ride safe...

  2. Working Class America will prevail Slim. I rode to SOW in 06 and met ya and I've been keeping tabs on ya ever since. Love your work. Thanks for posting.

  3. Badd Ass as always man.
    Working class forever.