Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 This is Free info that can be found at    Larouchepac,com  It shows us as Americans 6  Blatant violations to the U.S. constitution committed by our President.   PLEASE take a minute out of your day to check it out.It is the least we can do, and should not be an inconvenience,as most FREE people take our FREEDOM for granted. This is NOT only an informative guide to attempt to IMPEACH our "DICTATOR LIKE" president but also A PLAN FOR FULL RECOVERY for THE UNITED STATES as impeachment alone will not solve our debt.    END OBAMA s Alliance with the ASSASSINS of BENGHAZI, Dont let the ADMINISTRATION CONTINUE THE COVERUP!!!!!   SLIM 951 217 8814     I do NOT post this as a racist attack but as a concern for our Immediate FREEDOM.


  1. You got it right Slim. Thanks for helping keep the American dream alive!

  2. The liberal drones that continue to support this asshole need to realize that they are helping to facilitate the demise of not only their country, but their rights and freedom. The blue collar working class of america is what built this great country, and I for one, will be damned if I'll watch my country go down without a fight. Rise up america, NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!

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    1. Fuck Him!And you Anonymous asshole. Grow some Balls! I'm glad you showed your ignorance by flexing your rights and commenting.