Wednesday, August 22, 2012

slimsfab wheelie van#2 update

This is the Wheelie Van #2.Been fabbin hard here at the farm! It is well on its way sporting a 2x3 box tube frame tied in to the unibody construction of the econoline supervan.The frame is rigidly mounted in various places and will also be tied in with a .134 wall D.O.M. rollcage.The cleveland ford engine and c6 transmission mounts solid to the frame as well as the twelve degree Casale V drive.The front E.T.10 spoke rims in place gives you a great Idea of the seroius gasser/AFX stance,the rears will be steel deep 15 inch shod with Mickey Thompson rubber measuring 15x29x12.50. The cage and drivelines will be the next post....Whatever you are building take great pride in doing so...WE as AMERICANS are "THE TRENDSETTERS" for the world not anyone else.They copy our shit...DONT COPY THEIRS! SLIM 951 217 8814

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