Sunday, August 12, 2012

slimsfab frame for Pablo

This is a sporty owned by Pablo.He wanted a crazy build so he hooked up with Ruben.In case you dont know Ruben he is the dude with the "penny Knuckle" and the "stretched Indian".He is an extremely talented and edgy builder,Whom I like to work with on his projects.He Hit me up asking for a frame to be built for a Ironhead engine with a bigtwin trans....Ruben,and Jordan"the machinist"did the trimming and the engine mounting lugs super sano then brought the parts out to the farm.Pablo and Ruben rolled out a stock frame that was not cut to the chase, I built this frame and oil bag for the project.Ruben told me to hook it up and thats what I did.It has alot of Style to compliment Rubens style as he needed a canvas to lay down his Art.There is no hard lines in this one all free flowing and meant to look smooth.This project WILL be a masterpiece....thanks for including me in on the madness Ruben,Pablo,and jordan! Slim 951 217 8814


  1. Damn Slim that frame looks real nice. Good quality made in the USA craftsmanship right there. I cant wait to see this bike complete.

  2. That fucker is soooooo, how do I say, fantastico!!!! I love seeing your mind at work! Can't wait to see what my shit's gonna look like! You are the muthafuck'n MAN!~