Sunday, January 8, 2012

slimsfab hardtail for Tyler

This is a 2009 sportster that was just hardtailed here at slims fab farm,also it received a oil bag,upswept pipes and sissy bar! the fender was supplied by Tyler but mounted here at the farm, if you notice the tire is massive when compared to the fender size, He has not yet ordered his shinko double white yet.So i gave him adequate clearance for it. When i do a hardtail here, one of my questions to you you want stretch? That can change alot,such as where the battery will have to be located, and if you will retain your drive belt(if your bike has a belt).When you stretch a bike 2 inches it allows room to mount your battery inboard the frame,with no stretch it has to be mounted on the side(outboard frame).It is also alot easier to convert away from final drive belts,and go to a chain set-up! Chains are alot easier to change sprocket combos for freeway or street use,and for length on stretched bikes.CHAINS REQUIRE MORE MAINTINENCE! so for you guys that dont like to maintain your rig ,keep your fuckin belt! On this rubbermount owned by Tyler he did not want stretch so,we retained stock length and ride height,therefor his stock belt was kept and his battery is side mounted! Hope you all have a great day! sun is still out here in Cali which makes it really hard to do a winter teardown and re-chop for spring but fuck it take advantage of the weather today, RIDE! and enjoy being a "FREE AMERICAN", SLIM 951 217 8814

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