Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slimsfab FRISCO sportytank

This is a frisco style sporty tank I fabbed,when a tank gets friscoed here I cut the tank apart and put a flat floor in it, roll a new tunnel from 14guage cold rolled, fill the old filler and move it to the crown of the tank,poke the feed bung out the rear left,and weld new tabs on. While the tank is apart i hammer,dolly,and roll out the ugly flat spot out of the top of the tank that these tanks are known for,All done in Redlands ,California,UNITED STATES of AMERICA 951 217 8814 ,SLIM


  1. thanks for being a rad American and making quality products right here on US soil with your own hands!

  2. Fuckin A thanks! we have to do this to rebuild our country, we started small and thats how we are gonna get it back, one proud hardworking AMERICAN at a time!!!

  3. whats up with that 29 truck cab?