Tuesday, November 29, 2011

slimsfab day off at long beach marine stadium

This is one of my favorite things in LIFE,V drive flatbottoms( badd ass boats ) V DRIVE boats are a great AMERICAN fun .... we are known as a very wastefull culture we love FUN... choppers, race boats ,racecars,cruisers,lowriders,high riders, All a great waste of time and money except to US (people free enough to have the luxury of wasting money we dont have or do have)WE LIVE IN THE BADDEST ASS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HANDS DOWN....UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!! SLIM


  1. Great childhood memories! I used to go to lake Ming, and Castaic (near where I grew up)to watch the races. Let me know when you go again...hell, I'll drive and buy 1st round!

  2. Cool pics! Hit me up next time!!! COFFEY