Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slimsfab iron head sporty for the rancho man

This is an ironhead that came in trully fucked up front to back, so.... we cut off the hardtail added ours, and fabbed an oil bag,batt tray, sissy bar, fender,seatpan cobra style and pipes hope you like it, this bike appeared at bornfree, we at slimsfab did not do the tank work that you see here. By supporting your local or familly owned business ( even if you pay a buck or two more to do this) it increases the chances of business growth our nation,what built our country strong in the first time you shop please think of the future for your childrens, childrens quality of life and freedom, Slim ....Red, White and absolutely Blue!

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  1. Who's van is that in the background? Fuck'n wild! Bike's cool too!