Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slims fab riverside Alexs bike

This is a shot of Alexs bike, we built him a hardtail sissy bar, fender,battery tray,seatpan gas tank, plate/lightmount, and this oil bag it holds a large quanity of oil and is good looking as well as good fitting,we are painting his bike now then off to the chromer with the rest! The finished pics will follow soon....alot of people dont know that the small but effective shop that i operate consists of Myself and one other guy buy the name of Jeremy,we are both full time fabricators, i get the phone and texts when i can hear them between work time, if you have a tough time reaching me try me in a few days,we put in serious hours every week,and it is not possible to get work done and bikes out talking all day on the phone... our work is worth the wait if you can be patient, thanks alot! our hours are mon-friday 7-7,weekend by appointment only,Slim 951 217 8814

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