Wednesday, March 16, 2011

slimsfab knuckle tanks and wishbone frame for Scott

This is a project I did for a guy named BIG SCOTT,a cool m/f he is! The frame came to me as a very poorly repaired piece that to the ameture eye would look sufficient,I carefully repaired it where needed (trying not to disturb any of the old weld repairs that helped the look) and finished it with new paint to make it look as if it sat around in a barn for fifty years with little if any weather issues, that was a task if you must imagine! the tank is real(no shit) it is not a repro,yes it hurt when i cut it,Scott asked me to build him a tank with no dash opening up top and thats what he got!(a little his style,a little my style) I first narrowed the tanks 3/4 of an inch per side,to show off his polished UL heads and then shaved the dash and opening at the rear of the tank.(caps were relocated) Please keep in mind the access to the rear tank mount is located at that rear opening, so i fabbed a clean and neat mount under the rear of the tank,also in the pic i am pointing at a round cap that is a cover for a stash spot that is @ 2 inches round by 4 1/2 inches deep,and is accessed by a custom tool I fabbed.These tanks I painted and aged them with my own process,(all laquer).The finish on the tanks is NOT shown in these photos but will be here on the blog soon,as always,Thanks for checking out my blog and dont forget that this day in life only comes once in your life ,enjoy being a free AMERICAN,and dont fucking take it for granted,SLIM

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  1. Once again, NICE work! I'm loving the narrowed bob tanks you've been doing. So Big Scott has a new project eh?