Wednesday, March 16, 2011

slims fab roll cage for Ed Foxs 3 door

Here are some pics of Ed Foxs vw 3 door transport! we fabricated him a roll cage for his sweet machine,and fixed someone elses attempt at sheetmetal repair.there is also a handle I fabbed to the left of the drivers seat which operates a cooling vent at the rear made for air intake to the turbocharged 2180(of coarse all mechanically operated) The cage is all custom bent by us and is made up of hot rolled 134 wall inch and a half tubing,this took a considerable amount of time to fit properly and clear all the seats and such items that needed to remain removeable without issues for maintinence down the road! Ed , I thank you for your business and it was a pleasure and a honor to work on your bus, SLIM, BTW Ed is the photographer that shot the Slims fab Feature in this issue of the one and only STREET CHOPPER MAG!

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