Sunday, February 6, 2011

slimsfab street sweeper

This is the plaque i cut from 16 ga. cold rolled in the shape of the wheelie van that I built and sold,This was made for Casey Moir,the new owner to present the van at the Grand National Roadster Show. the van spends alot of time at El Toro high as Casey is the autoshop instructor, The plaque was painted and striped by me.Thanks to Casey for representing the streetsweeper in such a positive light bringing our youth into hot rodding in an artistic and alternative way!!! SLIM


  1. It's awesome that it went to a school auto shop teacher and it spends a lot of it's time there. It's always great when hor rodding becomes a positive influence. Another great job Slim

  2. Nice work Slim.... Build it,ride the shit out.... & then $ell it...
    Keep up the g@@d work Homie!
    Built in the good ole US of A!
    FuCk Ya....