Thursday, February 3, 2011

slims fab a100

This is one of my new victims,had her for a while but havent beat her or cut her yet! she is a 1966 dodge a 100 sportsman model,origional paint and intrior,even a one owner,WOW!!! perfect one to adjust slightly!! now that i have your attention ,I would like to thank Jeff Holt and Ed Fox for the nice spread in Street Chopper mag this issue,Ed, the photos are second to none and Jeff,, short and simple is the best! Thanks again, STREET CHOPPER KICKS ASS!!! ,SLIM


  1. I'm interested in seeing what you're going to do with it Slim. Either way,a slick hauler for sure.. Even more rare that it's all original and a one owner vehicle.. CUT IT!!

  2. Slim for good info on these earlies check out i have a 68 GMC G10 that is fucking great1