Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kabblahs xs650

How the hell is everybody? well good, this is big Ks rig! xs 650, that Ive been wrenchin on for a bit, This time you get to see the pipes I fabbed for it as well as the,sissy bar, fender,and the two to one intake! The intake is not an experimental piece, it has been done by others as well as me, this is just my version! It uses a cv carb! Next to be done on this xs is controls, seat pan, and wiring! enjoy the pics Kabblah!! , SLIM


  1. I dig it.cant wait to take it for a spin, killer pipes.
    Thanx for everything Slim, I mean it man. You went above and beyond. -K

  2. That intake is sweet. Im doing a 2-1 intake as well. I like the way yours turned out better!