Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kabblahs bike & The De Palma bike

This is my dining room, The De Palma bke is finished,The engine was stripped of primary cover,cam cover ,and Rocke boxes, then polished by all American Polishing in Elsinore Ca. and then Harry at Indocycles did the dirty and put that stuff back, the bars that I origionally fabbed for this bike are chromed and back on it in this photo! The other bike is Kabblahs as you know if you check my blog,That XS will be rolling soon! Just wanted to show you what I see when I enter and exit my house,Its a gentle reminder that I have to keep on the grindstone! One saying that I love is "A Rich Mans Heaven is The Poor Mans Hell" That has nothing to do with this Blog other than I think its fuckin cool and Peter Tosh said that on the song "Burial".Thanks for checking out my Blog! SLIM

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