Friday, June 12, 2009


Sure you can trust our government, just ask an indian?! This particular indian is bout 2 percent real, the tank is italian injun(for real!) and the decal says indian?! buttttttt........... its powerplant is yamaha YZ 490 poked& stroked to 537cc of kick yo ass!!! The rear section of frame eas a sporty by jammer tht was donated by Tim at negotiable parts, he said nobody in their right mind would want this P.O.S. !!! So not being in my right mind I Jigged it up and added a stubby front frame section to it with 19 degrees of rake. The fork is 35 mm sporty shit with the internals ripped out for that classic true ridgid feel, ouch,ouch,ouch!!!! spool 19 up front,elsinore 250 cc rear wheel,Chamber made by me as well as seat pan, bars,linkage,controls,and piston yielding 15.1:1 compression! ground clearance clocks in at 3/4 of an inch! lowriders rule!(speedbumps dont!) This was my daily whip for quite some time! those were the good times......... SLIM........

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