Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy fuckin friday to you all!!!This is the baddass sporty i built for my dad after his close call with death!!! this bike began life as a totalled 1988 1200 sporty, some asshole in Hemet,Ca ran a red and nailed pops(Tom)! I picked up the bike from impound yard and put this together from the wreckage.I straightened the frame,added my hardtail kit,bars,tank,oil bag,seat,battery box,fender,pipes, well you get the point! This muther fucker hauls ass thanks to 10.5:1 pistons,andrews n4 cams,s&s shorty, lots of portwork by me ,and a stout barnett clutch, hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the build! p/s pops is back to ridin! fuck yeah!

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  1. Slim, this is the coolest sporty hardtail I've ever seen. Whats you email address? I'm in Corona and I would like to contact you. Thanks. Ron