Wednesday, September 4, 2013

slimsfab big twin for Marc

This is Marcs big twin.He brought in a basketcase with a softail ultima frame,he wanted a ridgid chop so I chopped it up and hardtailed it.fabbed him up some mid controls,fender,sissy bar,pipes,king and queen seat pan,T bars,dual headlamp bracket,oilbag to house a 12 cell antigravity battery,fuel tank(not pictured) ,and fork brace....Im sure Im forgetting something but you get the picture.The bike is currently apart for powder coat ,paint,chrome and polish. Marc is a return customer who had a xs chop built with me,He wants to ride distance with ease and speed so he offed the xs to move up the ladder,Slim


  1. Get any time to play around with the van this summer?

  2. Hey Slim, my name's mike, I met you a while back when you did some work for my buddy Morgan on his big twin, we were driving back from Colorado to So Cal and we stopped by your house in a giant moving truck! Anyway, I think Morgan told you, but I'm working on bringing a 74 GT550 back to life and he told me you had one too. I was wondering what you might have in mind for exhaust on these smokers? I have heard of a guy in TX that makes pretty good chambers for the GT's that tune up nicely, but thought I'd ask you what it'd take to make your own since you're much more local. Hit me back if you're interested. Thanks, -Mike

  3. How do I get in touch wih you regarding some prices of some of your handlebars i.e. hardtail, etc..?