Friday, June 28, 2013

slimsfab pipes for Joshs 63 trumpet

 These are some upswept pipes I fabbed up for Joshs triumph 1963.These pipes have built in torque cones to aid with back pressure,and I wanted to make them curvy looking without over kill.I also built Josh a oil bag for this bike on the same visit.     Our Freedom is often taken for granted.Please exercise your right as Free American and go Shoot your Gun,Ride your Bike,Tell someone your opinion,say Fuck You,I love you,or Just Enjoy your Friday and Drink a cold Beer or 12.Whatever you choose Just know our Freedom is Getting thin,and thinner by the minute.I will strive to Buy , Build , and Sling as much American made Quality as possible to preserve what is left of our Diminishing Lifestyle. LONG LIVE THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS!!!! Slim


  1. Hey Slim Can you still do a "2 into 1 Underneath" for a Triumph?

  2. Lol pretty sure this dude can do anything you can come up with. Another work of art Slim