Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slimsfab shovelhead for Brandon

This is Brandons shovel,He came in with a frame already hardtailed and his 39 mm front end mounted. He wanted to fit his early oil bag fit around his four speed "cow pie" transmission,his fender mounted,a sissy bar,some bars,his axe tank friscoed, a king and queen seat pan fabbed,and some upswept pipes. This is how he left.. check out the pics! As a free American we have choices to make,EVERYTHING we do is a Choice! you can be considerate ,not considerate,generally happy,pissed or exstatic.Just please dont forget the decisions we make Effect other people...decisions as small as holding a door open for some one exiting or entering a store, or Not cutting someone off in traffic, instead letting some one in front of you...These small decisions can effect peoples day as a whole!If you get shit on doesnt mean you have to shit on the next person available for a bashing!This all starts with one person, it could be you making someones day better or you receiving someones kindness. WE ARE FREE to make GREAT DAYS for people or shitty ones,LETS celebrate being FREE, SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. i love this bike. i cant wait to see her painted.

  2. Hi Slim,

    Came across this post in a google search. I too have a late model shovel that i'd like to fit a horse show oil tank to. Can you tell me in more detail what was needed fab wise to make it fit over the cow pie tranny?
    Thanks Sebastian.