Sunday, March 25, 2012

slimsfab XS for John and David

This bike took 3 blog entries to cover,there is literally 100 yards of weld on this bike(or so it feels that way) this xs Is extensively modified in all ways and has a one piece body with hand made controls as well as hand formed body,shortened girder(12 inches)Custom bars, pipes,vented electrics box,18inch and 23inch wheel combo,goosenecked looptailed frame,and the list continues.... all the fab was done here at the fab farm by me,John and David,thanks for the work,I really enjoyed building this bike!!!Slim 951 217 8814


  1. fucking insane slim! great work!

  2. Hey man! That looks cool! My only criticism would be that the link arms are not in a parallelogram so the trail is going to be *wild* when under movement. But the bike as a whole is excellent! Good work! :-)