Saturday, December 31, 2011

slimsfab radio flyer for riverside Alex

This is a radio flyer that Alex wanted RESTIFIED for his son AIDENs Xmas gift. Alex wanted it to match his sportster( green&clean ) in fact I painted it with the same base and clear that his bike was shot with.There is a pic of the wagon in stock form with my nephew Ethyn getting ready to dissassemble it with me.I built a low slung one inch diameter tube chassis for it, along with a faux drop axle.The repro wheels were paint matched to the body,The body I just hammer and dollied out all the dents,etch primed,poly primed then base and clear coated it. i then laid down mole hair carpet,fabbed him up a bomber seat to his sons specs,attatched it with stainless fasteners(stainless hardware was used throughout the build). it was a fun project" a refresher coarse on FUN " thanks for checking out my blog....SLIM 951 217 8814

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