Friday, September 16, 2011

slimsfab streetsweeper button rag top for Casey

Hey there this is our old shop van built here at slims fab,Casey Moir is the owner of it now he drives the stink out of this thing and it was time to change a few things to his taste,he stopped it to get the top glass removed from the roof and wanted a clean piece rolled out for the area above the drivers bay. We also framed out the whole rear roof section and ribbed the edge to accept a button rag top! Case has recently purchaced a BDS 671 blower set up for the fiesty beast! look forward to seeing it, if you see Casey out and about in the van give him a shout he is a great guy!,SLIM if you would like to see me driving wheelies in this thing check out you tube ,slims fabrication wheelie van it is only 7 seconds long ,but cool!

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