Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slims fab Purple haze

These are some shots of my V drive flat bottom boat when i first brought it home! It looks a little different now, thought you might like to see something other than business, I am currently building the engine that will share duties with my crosley project, that means at least 3 or 4 motor swaps a year, thats how us low budget mother fuckers do. The engine is a big block chrysler,with lots of induction, and compression.The v drive is vintage casale. The poly primer should be here by the end of the week ( thanks Ian!) Drag boats represent our American culture in ways of, useless, wastefull,Badass fuckin shit that makes you smile so big your face hurts! Much like choppers and drag cars,double Quarter pounders and Half gallon cokes!CHEERS to our herritage, SLIM


  1. That is gonna be some sick shit on H2O!
    - Kballah

  2. Slim,

    Post some pix of that motor we've been talkin' bout.


  3. Cool floater Slim... Looks like a mid 60's Howard? You called it brother, Drag boats are the shit, totally useless, but fuckin cool as shit...

  4. Rad times hangin out at the Lake Slim, can I call first ski-ride behind that thing?!! Can't wait till were both racin around in our Flatties!! Oh, theres talk of a flatbottom circle boat class being started up and only allowing stock small blocks...sounds affordable but lacking on the thrill side!!

  5. Weird being at your house talking about the history of that boat and it's owner,then going to take my riding class and finding out the instructor knows about it too. Can't wait to see it on water.