Monday, April 26, 2010

Johns Streetfighter

This is Johns sporty, its a 94 big bore with n4 cams and lots more! He resides in las vegas,so a front brake is mandatory!!! This chop included,hard tail with 4 inches ground clearance,rear fender,sissy bar,oil bag,bettery box,seat pan and petrol tank mods! I mounted everything secure and strong! Take a look at some of the different and unique ways I chose to mount this stuff! The oil bag and rear fender share mounting hardware That tube through the frame,the lower fender mounts match design,the sissy bar mounts to the frame via tube scalloped around the frame in the shape of teardrops.John will be on the "long ride" to the smokeout east,N.Carolina!!!! Thanks for the privelage to work on such a sweet sporty!!, I enjoyed it! LIVE and DIE a PROUD AMERICAN, SLIM


  1. That bike looks bitchin man' way bitchin!

  2. fuuff you!

  3. man that came out sick!.........
    i remember what it looked like.....i think the words where a monkey fuuffing a football