Tuesday, January 26, 2010

kabblahs xs650

Good day to everyone! These are some pics of Kabblahs xs 650 frame< I spent countless hours hand stripping, de tabbing and just removing all th ugly shit!! the springer is done and the tanks too< finish assembly is under way now, and it is fuckin badd ass! I like spending the time to hand strip and hand file off the excess weld from tabs by hand to keep the tubing at spec thickness and to keep the tubing clean!!! Keeping quality high and pricing fair is what made America successfull back in the day and it is what will bring our country back to its feet over time! Thanks for your time< SLIM

1 comment:

  1. SO RAD! I have an xs650 that I am cleaning all the tabs off. I can REALLY appreciate the time this takes. Killer job. Can't wait to see the assembly of this!

    Keep this xs updated!