Thursday, July 9, 2009

the KID

This is THE KID IN THE YARD, also known as Jeremy Ingram . He has been wrenchin with me for eons, He is the grandson of the great, Bill Maverick Golden! The wheelstand King!!! Little Red Wagon ring a bell? Thats right, drag racing in his genes!!!! This is his 1972 plymouth Asskicker, All the right ingredients SMALL BLOCK, LOTS OF CAM, LOTS OF CONVERTER, HEADS, GEAR, ETC...... EASY TWELVES!!!!! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!! Watch for him on the streets near you!!!! ( huge cloud of smoke, from tires not two stroke oil) By the way we got his nickname from his location, for years strait we would come home from work and he would be in our yard under our tree waiting to wrench with us!!!! KICKASS, Slim...

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