Sunday, March 15, 2009

tuff luv

This is TUFF LUV !!!! Some shots of the chev , Small block powered wheelie standing meanie! This truck belongs to Dave,Bill& Rob Arbuthnott. We have all put in wrench time& soon to be draggin tailgate! Take a look at the 9 inches of lost wheel base! AFX!!! Before I was fabbin scoots I built Quite a few AFX Drag cars, mostly mopars! Building a few more drag cars feels good, watch for them at a strip near you! SLIM....


  1. siiiick!!! i saw this on someones phone at the bash!

    slim just wanted to say it was awesome meeting you and i have to say your one down to earth and smart mother fucker. hopefully someday ill runinto you again and get to pick your brain a bit. youve got skills!
    watch that right shoe man, your big toe was lookin kinda vulnerable LOLOL

    if it was bought in a store, you dont want it.

  2. Hey Slim,

    I have a 1967 Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350cc 2 stroke twin for sale. I crashed it into a truck back in 2001 and haven't done shit to is since. I have the title. I'm not trying to get rich selling it, would like to see something cool made out of it. evoscot76 at yahoo

  3. I remember you telling me about this.This is some seriously fucked up blacktop terrorizing shit Slim.I think you need counseling.Haha.See ya soon man