Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is a 39 Knuck in a early frame(flatty frame) ive been working on, it has a really cool VL springer front end and some hand made crocker style fenders! I just got the tank and bars done, you will see pics soon! Chuck& Paul are the owners, they are to pick it up this saturday(my birthday) NO REST FOR THE FUCKIN BLUE COLLAR AMERICANS !!!!


  1. Have a happy B day man!
    Take the day off you fucking workaholic!

  2. I met slim at the long beach swapmeet. Was told he was the guy to see about a frisco tank. Talked to him for a short time,and told me to bring him a tank. brought him 2 tanks to be modified ,and had them both done in under 5 days. The tank turned out better than I was expecting. every bike I own in the future will have a tank by slim ,and plenty other parts. Thanks, Jason

  3. Slim miester, you ROCK Dude, the shit you do is Awesome... Poppa Crowe!!!!!!!!!!